You know what’s really scary in a haunted house?

You know what’s really scary in a haunted house? Little creepy girls with black hair over their face. We’ve all seen enough zombies and insane chainsaw killers to last a lifetime, and they’re just not scary enough for a top-notch haunted house. You need to step out of the box and think of new creatures and monsters to terrify your customers.
The same goes for the setting. You don’t want your customers thinking, “Wow what’s the haunted house going to be this year?” “Oh it’s a zombie apocalypse or a haunted manor again, seen it too many times.” To create a haunt that people want to return to year after year, you need to be creative and detailed. For example, how many abandoned amusement park haunted houses have you been to? Haunt owners won’t typically make these sorts of sets due to the difficulty of recreating an amusement park theme and procuring enough props to fill the whole haunt. It’s a lot easier to find some dressers, beds, and desks to make an actual haunted house than it is to make a cool theme. In addition, when you are creating your sets, you want to be as detailed as possible with your gore, grime, and props. True, most customers will only see 10% of your details, but its their knowledge of how much they missed that will draw them back. If they can go back through your haunt another time and get a different experience, seeing a whole new side to the haunt, then you’ve done your job.