Are clowns scary?

Are clowns scary? Ask somebody this question, and chances are they’ll automatically say yes. For many reasons, society has developed the popular opinion that clowns, intentionally or not, are one of the scariest things, well, ever. Clowns typically have exaggerated features; a big, round nose, a wide ear-to-ear smile, large feet, and sometimes a huge belly. That, in addition to makeup covering every inch of skin, can make for a pretty creepy sight. And that just applies to normal clowns. The category of ‘scary clowns’ takes it all to a whole new level.
For a clown-themed haunted house, however, that is hard to pull off. Scary clowns aren’t demons, dead, half-animals, or magical. They’re just normal clowns with serious eye shadow, dirty clothes and maybe some blood running from their lips. They giggle and ride little tricycles, which, ultimately can be pretty lame. Perhaps it’s because we all know that clowns are just adults playing dress-up, and scary clowns just wear another layer of makeup. Unless a haunted house can figure out a creative way to develop the ‘scary clown’ character, it should aim for something that isn’t so obviously an actor in a costume.