Scary movies vs. haunted houses

Horror, gore, thrillers, slashers. People watch these movies everyday for the sole purpose of getting scared. Sometimes it works and a movie will terrify you, but other times it is just a cheaply made film covered in blood. But watching these types of movies is similar to being in the passenger seat of a car; you are just along for the ride, not really in control. You have a feeling of detachment when watching these movies. It is hard to really get engaged in the horror when you know in the back of your mind that you are safe at home and nothing in the movie is actually happening in real life. And that is where haunted houses come into play. Haunted houses are a growing, thriving business because they take you out of the passenger seat, now you are driving, and you better buckle up! No longer are you yelling at the TV screen, “Don’t open the door, he’s in the bathroom!” You’re finally making your own decisions on which doors to open, which path to take in the maze, and whether that shadow in the corner is just your imagination or really a demon waiting for you to pass by to strike. Haunted houses will immerse you in fear; you will see it, hear it, feel it, even smell it. Here your nightmares come alive right in front of your eyes. That is why we love haunted houses.