Construction of a haunted house

In the haunted house world, you will become well acquainted with 4×8 sheets of plywood and 2×3 beams. It’s amazing the things you can do with them! I recently had a friend walk through my haunted house and ask where on Earth did I find such awesome, realistic metal boilers. He couldn’t believe me when I told him a little wood, paint, and scrap pieces of metal can go such a long way. One thing you’ll learn when building a haunted house is that most men’s trash will be your treasure. Have some old rusty pipe? Give it here, that will look great in my electrical room.
One thing you do have to be careful of when constructing your haunted house is that you’re essentially building a labyrinth; a maze that you must carefully construct to avoid it being a deathtrap. Before starting construction, make sure you’re aware of all the building code in your city, which may require up to 4 feet gaps in your hallways to make sure they are wheelchair accessible along with other not well-known requirements. In addition make sure your walls are sturdy enough that when the building inspector comes through, kicking and knocking into your walls, they don’t fall down in a domino effect!