Creating the perfect haunt house lobby area

So now you have the best haunted house in town, but there is still one main issue with your attraction. People are lining up for hours to go through your haunt, and there’s nothing for them to do in line. Customers may choose to go to a different, lower quality show if you fail to keep them entertained throughout their entire experience, waiting in line included. The most important thing to keep in mind is creating the right atmosphere; don’t have your customers be waiting for a haunted house inside a brightly lit room with the only sound coming from conversations around them. If you are located at a venue, see if you can turn off all the lights and create your own mood lighting with soft or colored lights scattered around the room. Also, you will need to set the mood with some music, ranging from creepy gothic or metal music to pump up electronic and dubstep, depending on who your crowd is. If you can find live music like a band or DJ to play for you, even better!
Some more things to keep in mind for your outside area are selling food, drinks, and merchandise. You can keep your customers happy and make some easy money at the same time. Did you just upgrade your props and have some old ones lying around from last years set? Then sell your “custom” pieces at a stand along with other party or Halloween themed items like fog machines and strobe lights. And lastly, if you really want to create an awesome experience, turn your whole waiting area into a set itself by placing extra props around the room. For example, turn one corner into a graveyard scene, or have some actors walking around the room, scaring unsuspecting customers.