Adding additional value to your haunt

Have you ever seen those light shows people put up around Christmas time where the lights are timed to flash in different patterns to the music? If you haven’t, go look it up right now, I’ll wait. Done? Good, we’ll continue. Once you have your outside waiting area all set up with props and music, the next step is recreating one of these awesome shows to keep your guests entertained throughout the night. If you make the show good enough, you’ll have people flooding in just for the experience of waiting in your line, let alone going through your haunted house!
I’m sure if you have been inside someone else’s haunted house before you’ve wished you could walk through with all the lights on so you can see what the set actually looks like and all the tactics actors use to scare you. Well you now have the perfect opportunity to make people’s dreams come true with a lights-on tour. One or more afternoons in your season, open up the haunted house to guided tours where an actor will take a group of customers through the maze and show them all the details and secret spots where actors can hide to perform scares. In addition, for all the scaredy-cats who are too afraid to come through your terrifying haunted house with all the lights off and creatures present, this is their chance to see what this haunted house business is all about.
More ideas to improve your haunted house are possible plans for your haunt in the off-season. You have 11 months of the year in which your awesome set sits there, just wishing to be put to use. You can keep it profitable all year long by turning your maze into a laser tag arena or miniature golf course. Both of these are fun businesses that would fit in great in a haunted house!