Choose a Theme for your haunted house

When designing your haunted house, the first thing you need to decide on is your theme. Get creative with your theme; anyone can put some gravestones up and call it a day, but how are you going to genuinely scare and surprise your return customers? Once you pick your theme, make sure you stick with it, don’t have clowns in your insane asylum or witches in your amusement park.
A haunted house is similar to a story in that it should have an introduction, climax, and ending. In the first room or two, you need to set the mood and really impress on the customers whatever theme you’re trying to create. Throughout the haunt, your scares should increase in intensity so you can save the best for last. Customers will often be so scared they’ll only remember the first room and the last room, so make sure they remember the best you have to offer. One more thing to keep in mind when implementing your theme is to make sure it is not too complex. Customers will often be way too frightened when going through to notice any intricate details or concentrate on any storyline you have created. But having a simple theme that progresses throughout the maze will be innately understood and add a nice touch to your haunt.