Cabin in the woods style scared

One of our favorite horror movies here at Fear Overload is Cabin in the Woods. The best part of this movie is how original it is in scaring you, but also making you feel a whole roller-coaster of emotions. I was confused, scared, and kept laughing all throughout the movie. The plot of this movie is ingenious; a group of wealthy men and women bet on the different ways a group of teens will be killed in their own horror survival game. Cabin in the Woods makes you think you know where the movie is going one moment and then completely surprises you the next.
Fear Overload has adopted techniques found in this movie to take our Scream Park to a new level. Here, we don’t just have a haunted house where you can walk through it and get over; we don’t do things that way. You’re forced to survive and find your own way through our labyrinths. Given only one dim flashlight and a twisting maze full of fake doors, dead ends, and horrifying surprises at every turn, you’ll be screaming ’til the very end. We feel that is the best way to build a haunted house.