Get unbiased volunteers to see your show before you open

As a scream park, you need to have the correct balance of quantity vs. quality for your haunted houses. Scream parks are known for having a variety of Halloween themed attractions, not just haunted houses, but you need to make sure each attraction is something people will actually enjoy and want to go through. For example, don’t just have a spinning vortex that people will walk through and feel cheated after or wonder why they just paid money to go through that. Also, you can’t charge customers $25 for them to solely come through your 2 minute long, highly quality maze and hope for them to be satisfied.
When deciding on how much money and time to put into each attraction, realize that on one hand customers are going through your haunts in the dark so each one doesn’t need to be perfectly detailed or look like a piece of art, but at the same time, if they don’t really feel immersed in your environment, don’t expect any positive reviews from them. A great way to get feedback on your set is to get unbiased volunteers to see your show before you open; you’ve obviously been desensitized to horror by now and since it’s your own show, you can’t correctly judge how it will feel to a customer. Make sure you have enough to see at your event so the customer feels like the money they spent is justified, but don’t feel the need to throw a bunch of random, cheaply made attractions at them in hopes of bettering their experience.