How to transform a store bought halloween prop

If you’re like me, you’ve probably ordered a cool Halloween prop you found in a magazine or on the Internet to receive it in the mail and be sorely disappointed. Store bought props never look as good in your hands as they do in the store. That’s why you need to learn how to make your own custom props and improve upon the ones you already own. Let’s say you just bought a skeleton online and now you don’t have any idea what do with it, it looks way too clean and new. There are a few different methods you can use to grime it up, but hands down my favorite material to use is high quality liquid latex, this stuff is magic. If you pour it on a mirror or other flat surface and wait for it to dry, once you peel the stuff off you can work wonders on your prop with it. You can attach sheets of latex to your skeleton and rip them up to look like skin or crumple up strips of latex to be intestines or tendons for your skeleton.
Other ways to achieve a similar effect are using toilet paper and brushing later over it on the skeleton or cover areas of your skeleton in saran wrap and melt holes in it using a heat gun to look like decomposing skin. Once you have your base layer, you just need to add some color to make it look real. Use a combination of fake blood, shellac, and black spray paint and you’ll have the grisliest looking prop that you would spend ten times the money on if you bought it in a store.