The Haunted House Industry Has Evolved

If there are two things that have become outdated in the haunted house industry, it’s 3D glasses and first-generation animatronics.
Let’s start with 3D technology. While the concept does sound enticing (Hollywood has been making 3D movies, so it must be cool) it’s important to give a second thought before completely redoing your haunt with 3D effects. First of all, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t life already in 3D as it is? Since the big screen is only two-dimensional, it makes sense that three dimensions would be an upgrade. But, how about for haunted houses? The biggest issue with 3D haunts is that in order to achieve the special effects, the lighting must be considerably brighter than desired. Therefore, the scares aren’t nearly as effective, ultimately detracting from the customer’s experience. In my opinion, haunt owners should utilize the darkness in their non-3D, well, normal life 3D haunts. It’s easy to tell that 3D technology had its time in the limelight many years ago, and the haunt industry has since moved on for good reason.
The second outdated technology I’d like to discuss is first-generation animatronics. I’m talking animatronics like the Bedalator and Deskalator from the 1980s and 1990s. It’s just too easy to tell that these animatronics are props, so they hardly ever produce good scares. Customers immediately know that it’s fake, and the worst that can happen is getting whacked in the head by the elderly man prop that jumps out of bed. Technology has drastically improved since these animatronics were released, and some of it has become extremely realistic. However, I would personally stay away from the first’generation animatronics for the inside of your haunt.