How to Choose Actors for a Haunted House

When choosing an acting squad, it is imperative to choose a varied group of individuals. It is best to choose some people who are athletic, some who are good actors, and some who just look the part. Once the actors have been chosen, tailor the costumes specifically to their body types. Use rain suits, hospital gowns, burlap and chains to create incredibly detailed costumes for your actors. These items are easily attainable, and far cheaper than buying prefabricated costumes. Splatter blood on everything, and your acting squad will be looking top notch. Plastic weapons tend to cheapen the experience, and are actually dangerous. High quality rubberized props may be a good addition, however they tend to be expensive, and do not last long. Actors do not need these things anyway. Have them hide in the darkness, leap from furniture, and focus on being theatrical, rather than on cheap scares.