Oakland Halloween Activities

The best Halloween things to do in oakland are the haunted barns, haunted houses and event situated in san leandro, south Pasadena, Roseville, apple valley, mountain view, concord and other places oakland attractions seen. Evil twim studios haunted event attraction will do nightmares come reality at a new place in South Pasadena. There have been black rumors regarding the Raymond hill sanitarium, but the most interfering event attraction around an undocumented place for the violent patients where tests took precedence on finding a solution. Fear Overload Scream Park is the SF bay most terrible haunted houses shouting park. Considered as the oakland halloween activities by haunt world.It provides two outrageous oakland halloweeno and live horror fun.

Limited time:

Scream Park in Oakland attractions has three outrageous horror houses, made by the international metal band. Don’t miss the perfect haunted house attractions. Closely fifty years ago, all saints, a onetime condition of the art mental health support, lost amount and was compelled to close. Patients are not able to leave, doctors with today here to go, the once best mental health center fell in to obscurity. Today for the first time, you will for a restricted time to be able to travel forsaken facility. The present owner has been gracious to permit the public in to tour at the vigorous restoration of the structure having down in to the desperate disrepair.Oakland halloween guide are not suggested for pregnant women, kids under ten and the faint of heart.

Quality experience:

Visit innovative and screaming haunted place experience. The haunt is designed and acted in through more than forty volunteers, simply for the separate purposes of offering a best quality experience. Content is fictional. Any same things to real people, situations or places are obviously coincidental. The Fear Overload Scream Park is owned by a movie maker and special X engineer, Callson manor is such as stepping in to horror movie. Zombie paintball, ghost town and all eight horror haunted places. Enjoy the performance of fire dancer by obsidian butterfly, addictive sauces hot sauce, taste the favorable flavors and visit the ghost posse all in the courtyard. It is a hidden deep at the county fairgrounds.

Elaborated and complex:

The DE cemetery is a house haunt which resides in the heart of the Mountain View neighborhood which is made with the residents of Mountain View and its local groups in mind. Over the years, a haunt which is bone chilling and fun for all of ages. We prefer to feel that the efforts help in the development of Halloween and the actions has now become the most complex and elaborate haunted house presents, gaining steady media concentration. A small house, CA is owned by an old evil that obeys and remains locked with the confines of the walls, a short term veil between the living and the dead. The evil trapped in the purgatory goes to feed on the young blood walking the streets seeing for a treat. Victims are welcomed by the portal of evil, poisonous spider webs, dead brides to be, handing dead bodies, scary grandmas and lot of ravenous souls, all of that are finding for certain new blood.

Finding Haunted Houses in San Francisco, California

The bay area in san Francisco is known for a number of famous as well as not so-famous scariest haunted houses from which from which you can choose to visit during the coming Halloween season in 2016. As Halloween is just round the corner it becomes necessary to find haunted house san Francisco as an attraction for this event of spooky fun. Brief information about some of the scariest haunted houses in California is given here under to help you in finding a suitable haunted house for you at this occasion this year.

Frightmare Farms

It is one of the most terrifying haunted houses of California situated at the heart of the farmland of Merced County. The terror of this haunted house will compel you to beg for mercy through its horrifying features. The close up of Mine shafts, clutches of Barnyard slaughter and cemeteries are some of the heart fainting and super intense features of this haunted house san Francisco. A ten acre hayride on zombie ridden corn is another attraction at Frightmare Express that will make you scream loudly with fear. You can go for the ride of life blasting robotic rides through the robot infested cornfields with paintball guns mounted on turret from the back of any of the three retrofitted flatbed zombie killing trucks. The zombie raid field is the latest addition for this Halloween season.

Ultimate Terror Scream Park

The scare factor of this scream park situated at 4909 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento, CA is very scary which is developed only for matured audiences. This haunted house has been listed under the category of haunted houses in California which are specially designed for nightlife, parties and other events during Halloween. This haunted house in Sacramento welcomes the visitors for the most outrageous live horror entertainment and haunted events offered by its three haunted venues. It has been voted for the top Halloween events in San Francisco. It also offers some other facilities including snacks and refreshments, wheelchair accessibility to indoor events, free parking and covered wait area.

Fear Overload Scream Park

It is another one of the scariest haunted houses San Francisco that are appropriate for the Halloween nightlife, parties and other events matured audiences only. If you are searching for haunted houses in the bay area of San Francisco then it is the most beautiful and suitable haunted house for you in this region. Fear Overload Scream Park offers live entertainment throughout the month of October through its two horrifying haunted houses as reviewed on ABC, CBS, Forbes and Fox. Other facilities offered by this haunted house in California include indoor events, snacks and refreshments, wheelchair accessibility, free parking and covered area to wait.

Thus the information provided in this write up will help you to enjoy live entertainment this Halloween season by finding suitable haunted houses in California in the bay area of San Francisco. They offer various options to enjoy at any or several haunted houses in this region during the month of October at a very reasonable price.

Top Attraction in California

California is the place that has got various kinds of territories. There are chances for having better areas in this awesome place that can make your trip an exciting one. There are certain San Francisco attractions of this place that are considered as the ones which should never be missed on your visit to the place. These attractions in California cover various kinds of areas that include valleys and also many finest things.California is the place in which you get awesome wine. The wine that you get from Napa valley is an amazing one. There is an event known as Judgement of – Paris which is concerned about wine tasting. There are chances for you to get the perfect wine from the winemakers of Napa valley. There are chances for you to get dug wine and also grapevines that can be helpful for the hillside of valley. The valley in the Napa valley is pretty and narrow which can barely about 5 miles wide and it runs to about 20 miles between Vaca mountains and Mayacamas. It has got thoroughfares which are vineyards and winery tasting rooms. In Napavalley there are various chances for you to taste wine. There are better options for you to taste wine here which can be interesting as well as awesome. There is nothing much bold about the various things related with the Napa valley.

Big Sur Coastline

Along with the California’s coastline that is between Carmel and hearst castle. There is a possibility for the highway to cling with the cliffs of the place and is called California highway. The unique scenery that is associated with the stretch of the road is something enthralling that can be tempted for stopping at any of the turnout. There is possibility for the individuals to drive about 90 miles through this high way which is about 3 hours longer and you should have better overlooking the meals. There are chances for the individuals to have greater night life experience in this particular place.

Fear Overload Scream Park

Halloween is just coming soon, and this year, Fear Overload Scream Park has done it once again. Presenting two gargantuan haunted houses, this event is now the biggest horror location in the bay area, and for good reason. We were established in 2009, where our Sacramento, California event attraction, open only for a couple short weeks, saw amazing halloween attractions from the local haunted house junkies.

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite valley is popular for the picturesque beauty it has got. This place is much popular as it is filmed in various movies and also has got lot of photographs of it. There is no possibility for capturing the stillness of this awesome valley in the morning that is foggy. This valley looks as if Mother Nature has adored it with all the bits of beauty.

Golden Gate Bridge

This is another place that is much familiar to the people as it is captured in many movies, It is the place where you can find the perfect blend of architecture and geography.

Fear Overload Scream Park

Fear Overload Scream Park is a horrendous haunted house event. It is located in San Francisco Bay region. This hair rising Halloween event is normally open for 20 nights in the month of October. The event entails two haunted houses and some live horror enjoyment. This event is however only recommended for mature adults only. It runs from October 1st through to November 5th and begins at 7 pm in the evening.

The Fear Overload Scream Park has over the years received various awards of recognition:
i. It was voted as being the most scary in California by hauntworld.com, which is the most popular horror site on the internet.
ii. It was voted as being the Best in the West by Forbes Magazine.

iii. It was also voted as one of the leading Halloween events in the country by Haunted Attraction Magazine.

Admissions to the Scream Park
The event has four admissions for its visitors. These include the following:

General Admission
This admission grants visitors to the event access to anything and everything inclusive of the two haunted houses as well as the live horror entertainment offered.

Fast Pass Admission
This admission grants visitors the same things as the General Admission but they are allowed to skip the line of the two haunted houses.

VIP Admission
This special admission is tailor made for visitors who value their horror entertainment. It allows them to enter the two haunted houses without limitation throughout a single night using a Fast Pass Admission each time.

VIP Park Hopper Admission
This unbelievable admission allows visitors to visit both the Fear Overload Scream Park in addition to the Ultimate Terror Scream Park located in Sacramento. The visitors can do this on any two nights of choice using their full VIP package.

Other Haunted Attractions in the Bay Area
The Bay Area is endowed with several other haunted attractions. The main one that will peak your interest is an old Alameda haunted that is essentially a haunted ship called the Haunted Hornet that is a special Scareco haunted house. It is a haunted ship that was decommissioned 45 years ago.

Haunted hornet (Special Scareco Haunted House)
This horrid experience is not a typical haunted house, as it will take you on board the USS Hornet aircraft carrier that was decommissioned in the 70s. The carrier was used as a research facility and its crew participated in an unexplained discovery. Four decades after the cancellation of the program, secrets parts of the navy ship were granted access to the public. Each space of the navy ship has special effects and gifted actors that will continuously terrify you. It is also characterized by zombies, monsters, scary creatures and other interesting thrills. The event runs from October to November and begins at 7 pm. This haunted ship will leave you both scared and amazed as it is the scariest Alameda haunted house you will ever come across.

Next time you are in the Bay Area, take a tour in the special Scareco haunted house and the undoubtedly the best Alameda haunted house that is on board a haunted ship popularly known as the Haunted Hornet and the Fear Overload Scream Park for an unforgettable Halloween horror experience.

Fear Overload Scream Park

Fear is always linked to dangerous and horrifying experiences. Most people would not want to be in such a situation. In such incidences one would want to run, hide, scream or even pass out. Well, this is actually what the Fear Overload Scream Park would want you to experience and do all these running and screaming while shoving through limited passageways. However, the aim here is not only to implicate fear but fun as well. Craving for such situations? Well, get to Fear Overload Scream Park in San Francisco Bay Area and have a moment of your life.

This is an accredited park famously known for its scary bay area Halloween events and has earned it several awards like the scariest in San Francisco among others. It organizes the top events in the nation where many people of different nationalities turn up to experience such moments. Its hours of business kick off from 7pm and really affordable. One would just need to buy a ticket just at a few dollars. This is meant to cater people of different financial status. This is usually during the month of October. Once paid, one will have access to live entertainment and the infamous haunted houses which are usually two. The bay area Halloween guide has all the details you need about these spectacular events.

The scariest moments are worthwhile for adults and not children or even those with phobophobia. This is usually lots of fun courtesy of the skilled actors who make this event a success. They instill fear and fun though the latter comes later as one would be busy screaming due to the unanticipated scare. The bay area Halloween events comes with lots of bay area things to do according to the bay area Halloween guide from haunted houses, scary concerts and more. The best moment is where one gets a chance to adorn in different costumes and look like the leader of the freakiest witch club ever. Some would even want to be like the famous actors who act in various scary movies. This is your chance to experience such moments and it comes once in a while so grab the opportunity while still glaring at you. These moments would make one hungry for more and looking forward to attending the future one.

There is no other day that one would get to experience these moments in bay area Halloween events. Give yourself a chance to participate in the bay area activities and have a time of your life. These jaw-dropping moments are ones to dread for. Imagine being led to a dark house with faint flashlights only. As you frightfully tiptoe, a furry body grips you while growling, fresh human blood dripping from its mouth. Just the thought of it makes you dread for such moments.

From scary actors frightening people unexpectedly to wearing costumes and turning out as a witch, this place is such a venue for stimulating fear. These are events not to be skipped out from your calendar as they lighten up your moment. Make an effort of having to experience such occurrences with your loved ones and not hearing it from someone else. If possible, save some money for the upcoming scary event in future.

Fear Overload Scream Park

If you love scary things and get turned on by mysterious things then look no further as you will have an unforgettable experience during your visit to the Fear Overload Scream Park in San Francisco Bay Area. In 2009, the Sacramento event was founded to see if the park would attract people and it widely gained acceptance with time hence the development of the Fear Overload Park.

The event is held annually and attracts a wide range of visitors and fans every year as it is without the doubt, the scariest place you would want to be. It is hosted on different dates each year as it may fall on Halloween or on Valentines.

Why one should attend
• The park has a lot of activities to offer to people. The main goal of the event is ensure that people have fun as they experience real horror such as participating in the six flags haunts in the haunted houses.

• The actors who represent different scary things are very professional and carry themselves in such a way that they even make you forget that they are human just like you.

• Moreover, the fees charged for the event vary, depending on the activity that you want to be involved with. This is advantageous as you do not need to spend a lot of money on something that you may fail to participate in. You can also get coupons that cater for several activities at once, saving you the time of queuing for an activity.

Types of activitiesThe amazing thing about this park is that you remain scared the whole night as you are entertained throughout with a variety of activities such as haunted houses, six flags haunts and be vallejo haunted during the fright nights.

One outstanding feature of the event is the live horror entertainment where you enjoy music and dances that are very thrilling. The thriller music makes the fright nights very dramatic.

In addition to that you get to experience real scary, horrific actors who are very athletic. You may join them if you wish but only on the condition that you be very theatrical and not deliver cheap scares. The acting is so good that the actors have custom-made costumes and splatter blood everywhere to give it a real feel. They add spice to it by hiding in the darkness and leaping from almost anywhere giving you that unexpected surprise. This way you will be vallejo haunted more than once.

The haunted houses are usually the major attraction with different themes every year. The producers ensure that they keep updating the themes of the six flags haunted houses to the preference of their visitors. In fact the six flags haunted houses tend to be so realistic in their themes that one can think it is actual real life situations.

The event is so good that they have received several accolades within the years such as Scariest in California, Top Halloween Event in the Nation and Best in the West among others. This shows that its excellence is recognized as well.

You cannot afford to miss this event if you live in San Francisco. Why should you have a dull and boring holiday when you can join others as they terrify each other at the Fear Overload Scream Park? From the six flags haunted houses, six flags haunts, to the fright nights, it is assured that you will be vallejo haunted and have the best scream you have ever had in your lifetime.

Finding Top Rated Haunted Houses In San Francisco

California offers a wide range of top rated haunted attractions in America where one can enjoy the live fun of scary entertainment during next Halloween season this year. The events offered by these haunted houses may include ghost tours, escape games, Halloween nightlife and parties, Halloween parades and festivals and haunted hay rides for matured audiences. Some of these haunted places also offer kid friendly home haunts and other events like safe treating tricks, pumpkin patches, haunted trails or spook walks, scream parks and zombie shootouts and hunts for this year Halloween season. Some of the haunted house reviews provided in this write-up will help you in choosing from them according to their haunted house ratings and rankings.


Frightmare Farms: This terrifying haunted attraction is situated in Merced, California. It has been rated for 5/5 stars by its reviewers because it compelled them to beg for mercy due to the sheer terror they experienced in the intense scare environment in the clutches of its Barnyard Slaughter and non-stop action of cemeteries and mine shafts. It has been categorised as a haunted houses due to the zombie shootouts and hunts, hay rides, scream parks, spook walks on haunted trails and Halloween parades and festivals it offers along with other events to its subscribers.


Mistress Yvonne’s Annual Haunted House: The rating of this haunted house situated in Riverside, California is 5 out of 5 stars because of the witches, ghosts and other frightful creatures it offers on Halloween night. One cannot afford to miss the events like Bring your Soul to meet your fate or an act of treason Be here by Dusk along with other features including Carrie’s Revenge, Cyberlabs, The Mourgue, The Lost Mummy Room, Circus De Kill and The Meat Locker etc.


Deathworkz Haunt: This 14 years old haunted house in Modesto, California is rated for 5/5 stars as it is attracting visitors through a different theme for every day and night every year. You can visit the website of this haunted house to get more information about its events during this Halloween season.


Nightmare on Main Street: This haunted house located in Templeton, California has been rated for 5 out of 5 stars because of its existence in the scary environment of a 100 years old house. Chills and thrills like frightening haunting clowns, horror of Michael Myers room and vortex of famous doom are some of the features of this haunted house that make it one of the scariest places in this region.


Fear Overload Scream Park: It is another scariest haunted house in San Leandro, California that is considered appropriate only for matured audiences. This haunted house in the bay area of San Francisco offers the most outrageous haunted events in this region. It contains two most horrifying haunted houses as seen on ABC, CBS, Forbes and Fox to provide matured people live entertainment throughout the month of Halloween in October this year. You should not make efforts to show up your fears if you can be scared easily.


Thus after going through these reviews haunted houses you can easily find top rated one on the basis of their haunted house rankings and enjoy live entertainment in 2016 Halloween.

Things to Know About Halloween Haunted Houses in San Francisco

Fear Overload Scream Park is one of the top ranked Halloween haunted houses in the bay area of San Francisco. It is one of the scariest haunted places in the California. It contains two outrageous haunted houses where one can enjoy the fun of scary live entertainment during Halloween 2016. It is planning to offer ultimate horror events during 2016 Halloween starting from 1st October to 5th November 2016. You can enjoy live entertainment during the late haunted house hours after 7 PM every night.

The crucial horror events of its Halloween haunted houses can be seen on various channels including ABC, Fox, CBS and Kron4 etc. Forbes has rated it one of the best fastpass San Jose haunted houses in the west. You can follow the directions to reach at Bayfair Centre, 15555 E 14th street, San Leandro, California and buy tickets to enjoy the fun of live scaring entertainment. Brief information about the tickets available at this centre will help you to get them according to your needs.

Tickets for general admission: The cost of the ticket for general admission at Fear Overload Scream Park is $25. It allows you access to everything required for live horror entertainment like both of its Halloween haunted houses etc.

Tickets for fastpass admission: You can skip the line of both the Halloween haunted houses of this scariest haunted place by purchasing fastpass San Jose tickets for $32 only.

Tickets for VIP admission: If you want to use fastpass San Jose tickets for entering its haunted houses unlimited number of times during the same night then you will have to buy a ticket for $40 to get ultimate experience of this scream park.

Tickets for hopper admission to different VIP haunted parks: If you buy a special ticket for $70 then you can enjoy the live horror entertainment at both the Halloween haunted houses including ultimate Terror Scream Park in Sacramento and Fear Overlaod Scream Park in bay area of San Francisco with VIP package in both the events for two nights.

Fear Overload Scream Park also offers an opportunity to win season tickets for enjoying the live entertainment during Halloween season at its most outrageous events at its haunted houses located on the bay area of the San Francisco.

The Fear Overload Scream Park opens its Halloween events at the late happy haunted house hours starting from 7 PM onwards so that you can enjoy jaw-dropping horror entertainment live in its 2 haunted houses for 20 nights in October 2016. These haunted houses in the bay area of San Francisco have received innumerable honors from various magazines and critics like Forbes and HauntWorld etc. Haunt world has voted it as the Scariest haunted house in California whereas Forbes has voted them as the best Halloween haunted houses in the west. Haunted Attraction Magazine, one of the top national magazines has rated it as one of the top Halloween events in the bay area of San Francisco.

Thus, Fear Overload Scream Park in the bay area of San Francisco is one of the top ranked Halloween haunted houses where one can enjoy live horror entertainment during Halloween season this year at a very reasonable price.

The Evil Rises This October

Get Ready for an exciting October, where Fear Overload brings you the scariest event of the year, the Fear Overload Scream Park. Have a lure for ghosts and haunted houses? Are you one of them, who have always dreamt of visiting a haunted house, but have never visited it? So, here’s your chance, this October, at the San-Francisco Bay Area. This park has been rated the “best in the west†by Forbes. Other renowned media houses, has also rated the Fear Overload Scream Park has one of the best and scariest haunted house event in America. This year the Fear Overload Park at San-Francisco Bay Area is starting from October 1st and will be active till November 5th. Let’s see the attractions of this year’s Scream Park

The Grimm Fairytale Killer- You will be introduced into a Haunted House scenario in this scream ride. The story plot of this ride is, this is a home of an abused boy, who has been abused his entire childhood by his abusive father. To escape from his hostile family, the boy had with him the†The Grimm Fairytalesâ€. Now, he is an adult, and he kills his victims exactly as described in the “The Grimm Fairytalesâ€. The ghastly experience of this scream ride will leave you bewildered, and you will scream your lungs out.

Insanitarium- Heard of 1964 San Leandro Asylum massacre. Get ready for the lively and scary experience of the San Leandro Asylum. In 1964, San Leandro Asylum was sanctioned by the government for the most criminally insane. All was going well, until September. On September of 1964, communication with the Asylum mysteriously failed, and the last video footage which was discovered was of a dead and mangled security guard, whose head was 180 degrees twisted.
You will be introduced to this scenario, in a pitch black room, and will only be allowed to take a torch to survive’ the horror.

Live Horror Entertainment- This is only reserved for Fridays and Saturdays, and will include ghastly creatures, and some of the trademarks of Fear Overload like Jinx the Clown.

Besides Fear Overload, this October many of the corn maze and Halloween maze are getting live, just for your scariest experience this Halloween. Though, most of these corn maze and Halloween maze are for kids, some of them have different levels for adults too. These scary places are just the perfect way to replay the memories of “The Shiningâ€.

The Arata’s Pumpkin Farm at Half Moon Bay- This 6-acre corn field and maze is something one can’t miss this Halloween. It’s as scary as it can be. Besides being a corn maze, this place boasts of a pumpkin patch too. When you go there, visit the Minotaur’s Labyrinth Hay maze, and don’t forget to take your cell-phone in case you get lost!

Oakland Haunted House- The Haunted mansion of Oakland, is something which the Haunted house lovers will love. The home haunts in this Clarke mansion started in 1874, when the owner of the mansion, Thomas Clarke heard eerie noises and the clanging of the doorbell. Over the next 50 years, other who have stayed at the Clarke mansion has reported similar noises at this mansion.

So, Get Ready for some scary adventure this Halloween with the Fear Overload Scream Park, and don’t forget to visit the Arata’s Corn maze and Halloween maze to test your intelligence. For all you Haunted house lovers, Oakland Haunted House is waiting to scare you off!

Things to Know About Alameda Country Haunted House

Things to Know About Alameda Country Haunted House

Alameda country haunted house is something that is going to excite you with all that it can offer. There are quite a lot of things that you can avail in this haunted house which makes it really an exciting place to be. Alameda country is the place with the best attractions for Halloween in whole California. You can really get frightened to the core, can go for pumpkin picking or even can create amazing memories in Halloween by being in Alameda country during the season. There are so many varieties of things that you can enjoy at this place perfect for all the age groups. Here are some of the attractions that may make you head to alameda country during this Halloween.

Haunted Trails

There are so many haunted places in this place where you can enjoy haunted trails. If you are having a younger crowd then hay rides during day time will be comfortable and good. If you are really trying to figure out something amazing to enjoy fright to the extreme then pick the haunted trails at night. It can be really amazing experience. It is really a tradition that most of them do follow so that you may be really getting a finest experience being with them. Try to enjoy every autumn with the family fir a haunted trail. It can be really a spending experience to be cherished. There are quite a lot of things that might actually make things work well for you so that you can have the best haunted trails with that.

Haunted Hayride

Being in haunted places and not enjoying haunted hayride is something that is going to put you in real trouble. There are so many haunted hayrides in Alameda country for night time that is what suits the ones who really want to have the scariest time in their life this Halloween. It is really not suitable for the ones who may get frightened and go bad. You may be finding so many scary things around during this hayride and you may not really know what may come up at any instant. If you are feeling really brave enough then this is the finest time for you to enjoy and get scared.

Haunted Houses

The real haunted houses in Alameda coutry can be a thrilling experience than anyone can have during Halloween. It can make you really enjoy the classic attractions during Halloween. It is really the best time for you to enjoy that well. It can be really a great time for getting indulged in such a scary thing during the season. It is really suitable for the ones who can take some extreme horror time and have a great passion towards horror. The real haunted houses of California can give you great experience.

Fear Overload Scream Park

If you are not satisfied with all the screams you made and all the scares you have gone through then you can head to the fear overloaded scream park in California.