The Evil Rises This October

Get Ready for an exciting October, where Fear Overload brings you the scariest event of the year, the Fear Overload Scream Park. Have a lure for ghosts and haunted houses? Are you one of them, who have always dreamt of visiting a haunted house, but have never visited it? So, here’s your chance, this October, at the San-Francisco Bay Area. This park has been rated the “best in the west†by Forbes. Other renowned media houses, has also rated the Fear Overload Scream Park has one of the best and scariest haunted house event in America. This year the Fear Overload Park at San-Francisco Bay Area is starting from October 1st and will be active till November 5th. Let’s see the attractions of this year’s Scream Park

The Grimm Fairytale Killer- You will be introduced into a Haunted House scenario in this scream ride. The story plot of this ride is, this is a home of an abused boy, who has been abused his entire childhood by his abusive father. To escape from his hostile family, the boy had with him the†The Grimm Fairytalesâ€. Now, he is an adult, and he kills his victims exactly as described in the “The Grimm Fairytalesâ€. The ghastly experience of this scream ride will leave you bewildered, and you will scream your lungs out.

Insanitarium- Heard of 1964 San Leandro Asylum massacre. Get ready for the lively and scary experience of the San Leandro Asylum. In 1964, San Leandro Asylum was sanctioned by the government for the most criminally insane. All was going well, until September. On September of 1964, communication with the Asylum mysteriously failed, and the last video footage which was discovered was of a dead and mangled security guard, whose head was 180 degrees twisted.
You will be introduced to this scenario, in a pitch black room, and will only be allowed to take a torch to survive’ the horror.

Live Horror Entertainment- This is only reserved for Fridays and Saturdays, and will include ghastly creatures, and some of the trademarks of Fear Overload like Jinx the Clown.

Besides Fear Overload, this October many of the corn maze and Halloween maze are getting live, just for your scariest experience this Halloween. Though, most of these corn maze and Halloween maze are for kids, some of them have different levels for adults too. These scary places are just the perfect way to replay the memories of “The Shiningâ€.

The Arata’s Pumpkin Farm at Half Moon Bay- This 6-acre corn field and maze is something one can’t miss this Halloween. It’s as scary as it can be. Besides being a corn maze, this place boasts of a pumpkin patch too. When you go there, visit the Minotaur’s Labyrinth Hay maze, and don’t forget to take your cell-phone in case you get lost!

Oakland Haunted House- The Haunted mansion of Oakland, is something which the Haunted house lovers will love. The home haunts in this Clarke mansion started in 1874, when the owner of the mansion, Thomas Clarke heard eerie noises and the clanging of the doorbell. Over the next 50 years, other who have stayed at the Clarke mansion has reported similar noises at this mansion.

So, Get Ready for some scary adventure this Halloween with the Fear Overload Scream Park, and don’t forget to visit the Arata’s Corn maze and Halloween maze to test your intelligence. For all you Haunted house lovers, Oakland Haunted House is waiting to scare you off!