Finding Top Rated Haunted Houses In San Francisco

California offers a wide range of top rated haunted attractions in America where one can enjoy the live fun of scary entertainment during next Halloween season this year. The events offered by these haunted houses may include ghost tours, escape games, Halloween nightlife and parties, Halloween parades and festivals and haunted hay rides for matured audiences. Some of these haunted places also offer kid friendly home haunts and other events like safe treating tricks, pumpkin patches, haunted trails or spook walks, scream parks and zombie shootouts and hunts for this year Halloween season. Some of the haunted house reviews provided in this write-up will help you in choosing from them according to their haunted house ratings and rankings.


Frightmare Farms: This terrifying haunted attraction is situated in Merced, California. It has been rated for 5/5 stars by its reviewers because it compelled them to beg for mercy due to the sheer terror they experienced in the intense scare environment in the clutches of its Barnyard Slaughter and non-stop action of cemeteries and mine shafts. It has been categorised as a haunted houses due to the zombie shootouts and hunts, hay rides, scream parks, spook walks on haunted trails and Halloween parades and festivals it offers along with other events to its subscribers.


Mistress Yvonne’s Annual Haunted House: The rating of this haunted house situated in Riverside, California is 5 out of 5 stars because of the witches, ghosts and other frightful creatures it offers on Halloween night. One cannot afford to miss the events like Bring your Soul to meet your fate or an act of treason Be here by Dusk along with other features including Carrie’s Revenge, Cyberlabs, The Mourgue, The Lost Mummy Room, Circus De Kill and The Meat Locker etc.


Deathworkz Haunt: This 14 years old haunted house in Modesto, California is rated for 5/5 stars as it is attracting visitors through a different theme for every day and night every year. You can visit the website of this haunted house to get more information about its events during this Halloween season.


Nightmare on Main Street: This haunted house located in Templeton, California has been rated for 5 out of 5 stars because of its existence in the scary environment of a 100 years old house. Chills and thrills like frightening haunting clowns, horror of Michael Myers room and vortex of famous doom are some of the features of this haunted house that make it one of the scariest places in this region.


Fear Overload Scream Park: It is another scariest haunted house in San Leandro, California that is considered appropriate only for matured audiences. This haunted house in the bay area of San Francisco offers the most outrageous haunted events in this region. It contains two most horrifying haunted houses as seen on ABC, CBS, Forbes and Fox to provide matured people live entertainment throughout the month of Halloween in October this year. You should not make efforts to show up your fears if you can be scared easily.


Thus after going through these reviews haunted houses you can easily find top rated one on the basis of their haunted house rankings and enjoy live entertainment in 2016 Halloween.