Fear Overload Scream Park

Fear Overload Scream Park is a horrendous haunted house event. It is located in San Francisco Bay region. This hair rising Halloween event is normally open for 20 nights in the month of October. The event entails two haunted houses and some live horror enjoyment. This event is however only recommended for mature adults only. It runs from October 1st through to November 5th and begins at 7 pm in the evening.

The Fear Overload Scream Park has over the years received various awards of recognition:
i. It was voted as being the most scary in California by, which is the most popular horror site on the internet.
ii. It was voted as being the Best in the West by Forbes Magazine.

iii. It was also voted as one of the leading Halloween events in the country by Haunted Attraction Magazine.

Admissions to the Scream Park
The event has four admissions for its visitors. These include the following:

General Admission
This admission grants visitors to the event access to anything and everything inclusive of the two haunted houses as well as the live horror entertainment offered.

Fast Pass Admission
This admission grants visitors the same things as the General Admission but they are allowed to skip the line of the two haunted houses.

VIP Admission
This special admission is tailor made for visitors who value their horror entertainment. It allows them to enter the two haunted houses without limitation throughout a single night using a Fast Pass Admission each time.

VIP Park Hopper Admission
This unbelievable admission allows visitors to visit both the Fear Overload Scream Park in addition to the Ultimate Terror Scream Park located in Sacramento. The visitors can do this on any two nights of choice using their full VIP package.

Other Haunted Attractions in the Bay Area
The Bay Area is endowed with several other haunted attractions. The main one that will peak your interest is an old Alameda haunted that is essentially a haunted ship called the Haunted Hornet that is a special Scareco haunted house. It is a haunted ship that was decommissioned 45 years ago.

Haunted hornet (Special Scareco Haunted House)
This horrid experience is not a typical haunted house, as it will take you on board the USS Hornet aircraft carrier that was decommissioned in the 70s. The carrier was used as a research facility and its crew participated in an unexplained discovery. Four decades after the cancellation of the program, secrets parts of the navy ship were granted access to the public. Each space of the navy ship has special effects and gifted actors that will continuously terrify you. It is also characterized by zombies, monsters, scary creatures and other interesting thrills. The event runs from October to November and begins at 7 pm. This haunted ship will leave you both scared and amazed as it is the scariest Alameda haunted house you will ever come across.

Next time you are in the Bay Area, take a tour in the special Scareco haunted house and the undoubtedly the best Alameda haunted house that is on board a haunted ship popularly known as the Haunted Hornet and the Fear Overload Scream Park for an unforgettable Halloween horror experience.