Why Do We Need Haunts?

Why is the atmosphere is a haunted house so engrossing? What about it makes it the perfect place to be yet the worst place to be? Haunted houses are those attractions that border on the edges of real and fake. They are fake in reality, but to believe they are real is half the fun. No one wants to be in an actual abandoned looney bin asylum where multiple grisly homicides and suicides took place, unless you’re into that sort of thing. However if you play make-believe and use your imagination, somehow, there is something almost charmingly enjoyable about all of it. Not everyone likes to be scared, but some people live to be scared, going to horror movies, being a daredevil, engaging in dangerous or enthralling activities. A haunted house, put on for the Halloween season, is no exception, as you’ll find flocks of people at these every year wanting to get their hearts pumping and have their minds be their own worst enemies. They are ultimately necessary to be honest. People need fear and challenges in life or else life just isn’t life. Going about your life isn’t easy and the more you get used to the everyday terrors that cloud around you, the better prepared of a human being you are. If you experience fear, then it means you are wholesomely human, and in a world where being human is just reduced to some computer screens and bupkis emojis, being scared helps bring us back to reality and make us thankful for being here, alive. Haunted houses do that for us. They give more than they take because they eventually help us cope and get away from it all, to experience frightening situations and become stronger from them and even have a little bit of fun. If you’re able to laugh a scare off, it means you’ve won. Not the monsters.