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What an amazing time! I purchased tickets for myself, my man and my brother. We all had a blast and can’t wait to go again next year!
Ashley R. Google Review
Today was my first time coming and it was pretty worth it I was so freaked out but it was also fun I kept screaming a lot. The people here really do a great job.
Alex H. Google Review
The event is fantastic if you manage to do it alone. The actors are really committed in making you feel uncomfortable and they are professionals of the scare.
Luca G. Google Review
Great actors and facilities. We’re usually not easy to scare but they were really clever with their hiding spots and planned entry. They all stayed in character really well and had very realistic makeup and costumes.
Natalie T. Google Review
I didn’t expect it to be so scary! Definitely fun with small sized groups(2-3 people)! Actors are 100% in there character the whole time, and so is the decor which is all themed for the room you’re in.
Marin G. Google Review
Actors were good, and staff members were very helpful. The jump scares were awesome and there were even scary actors coming out while waiting in line!
Jennifer S. Google Review
The crew was friendly, funny, and just a great vibe. The experience of the haunted houses itself were great, the props and decor looked so real at times, I was confused! Totally recommend it!
Hussain S. Google Review
Long line but worth the wait. The actors and actual haunt is done very well. You get a lil flashlight half way since it just so dark. Would go again.
Kent G. Google Review
The scream was insane! All the actors killed their roles. All the workers were patient and respectful as well as Secruity. The black light art was Incredible. 10/10 highly recommend.
Robert R. Google Review
The monsters were SO GOOD! The jump scares were on point, the makeup was awesomely knarly, the sets were over the top done so well, and my boyfriend screamed like 95% of the time so I was very happy!
Megan L. Google Review
Great decor, well-done art and sculptures, I was in awe with all the details with the setup and everything. Absolutely well done. The actors weren't as predictable as I thought they'd be as they did well with the jump scares. Their lines were perfectly eerie and was overall very enjoyable.
Ash A. Google Review
It was soooo scary!!! I went with my wife and we were scared at every turn. The actors costumes and makeup were amazing a good mix of scary and creepy! Our first scream park but definitely one to remember! Highly recommend and tickets are cheap too!
Nigbah S. Google Review