2 outrageous haunted houses


You have stumbled into the home of a deranged killer. Having grown up in an abusive home as a child, this killer only had a book of Grimm Fairytales to escape from his hostile father. Now as an adult, the Grimm Fairytales have become his fantasy: he kills each of his victims in the same manner as in the fairytales. Let’s hope your Halloween costume isn’t Little Red Riding Hood this year.

Mature Audiences Only.


In 1964 The San Leandro Asylum was sanctioned to be a prison for only the most criminally insane. Horrendously overcrowded, security barely managed to keep inmates under control - until September. Communication to the facility mysteriously failed and the last video footage available is of a security guard's mangled body, his head twisted 180 degrees.

It is pitch black inside. You will be provided one flashlight only to survive the horror.


The line entertainment enters the queue line crowds on Fridays and Saturdays, starting October 13th. Includes Fear Overload's famous Jinx the Clown, horrific live creatures, & photo-ops.

Let's get scared, Bay Area.


Welcome to the SF Bay Area’s most outrageous haunted house event. As seen on Forbes, CBS, ABC, and Fox News, Fear Overload Scream Park offers two horrifying haunted houses throughout the month of October. Fear Overload has been named the ‘Best in the West’ by Forbes, voted the ‘Scariest Haunted Houses Near Me’ in California by HauntWorld, and has been seen on almost every major media outlet.


Fear Overload Scream Park has haunted house locations in the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Seattle areas.


This year, our signature haunted house attraction is The Plastic Surgeon. This haunted house takes place in the home of a deranged serial killer.

November 1975. He was born with a facial birth defect. He grew up in a neglectful family, and always felt like the ugly duckling. At school, while all the other kids were happily making friends or playing on the play structure, bullies teased and humiliated him in the sandbox. As a result, he hid and swore to never trust again. He hated his face, and was envious of his classmates’ beautiful skin. If only he could look like and fit in like them. 

Later on as a teenager, this resentment grew deep. He periodically exhibited uncontrollable anger, and fantasized of getting his revenge. But most of all, he loathed himself. In 1991, he took a knife to his face and carved off the skin around his lips and cheeks. After that, he took his rage out on others. 

Since then, the SFPD nicknamed him ‘The Plastic Surgeon’. He became a serial killer and performed botched hack-jobs to his victims’ faces. Now, you and your group have stumbled into the home of The Plastic Surgeon. The electricity has been shut off, and your group has only one dim flashlight to explore his den.

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