The Descend the Basement attraction logo, engulfed in flames.

There was said to be an old man who lived in the house on the hill years ago, who kept all of his children in the the basement. Sometimes he would send down food, sometimes he would forget… It was not until the old man made the mistake of venturing down into the basement one night, forgetful of its inhabitants. The police say his body was never found, and after knowing how much those… children, were fed down there, we understand why. But the house is now their turf. Their new basement of darkness, and they’ll welcome you with open arms. And open mouths with lots of sharp incisors. Read More >>

The Demon haunted attraction at the Bayfair haunted house.

A demon from a parallel dimension found its way and haunts this realm. The demon Jungler, taking the form of a young child with long, black hair covering her face, can hear your thoughts within the walls of its haunt. When you think about her, or show any other signs of fear, the demon has already succeeded. Taking a piece of itself to latch onto you, Jungler will follow you home and be the figure you see standing at the foot of your bed. But that is only the first part. It is when you scream, that it has truly won. The scream of terror is what the demon draws its power from and then will be able to forcibly take control of you, possessing you and commanding you to do its every whim. Jungler lurks within all of us. We see it in each of our fears. But we have to make sure we do not give into those fears. Under no circumstances can we scream in the presence of the demon. Or else it is over. So for your own sake, do not scream! Read More >>

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