Ticket types available for purchase at Fear Overload include General, Fast Pass, and Immediate.

General Admission

Admission to both interactive museum walk-throughs. Wait time varies.

$19.99 - $29.99

Fast Pass Admission

General Admission PLUS enter the Fast Pass Line, usually ~1/3 the wait.


Add $10

Immediate Admission

General Admission PLUS Skip to the Front of the Line, usually ~5 minutes.

Add $20

You will be asked to show your credit card & ID at the event
REFUND POLICY No refunds or exchanges allowed

You have been kidnapped and awakened in an unfamiliar room. A loud speaker informs you that you have been captured and placed in a maze of horrors for a killer’s enjoyment. He has filled each room… with traps, nightmares, and phobias. To escape, you must tune out the evil voices who are trying to deceive you. Best of luck in this gigantic, terrifying walk-through. Read More >>

You find yourself in an unfamiliar ward. “Where am I?” you say. In fact, you can’t seem to remember anything. Have you been recently trapped in this Asylum, or are you a patient who has been here all along? But… what you do know is that your are seeing horrific scenes all around you, and hearing voices too. You need to find a way out! Or maybe you just need to take your pills? Experience this horrifying walk-through; but whatever you do, do not listen to the whispers. Read More >>

  • An old terrifying miner wearing a lit helmet and lifting a glass light fixture.
  • Gallery images of the haunted houses and the Fear Overload attraction.