Q: What is Fear Overload Scream Park?

A: Fear Overload Scream Park is the ultimate Bay Area haunted house event. Fear Overload’s Bay Area haunted houses are open for 23 nights in October and features 2 outrageous haunted houses and live horror entertainment. Fear Overload Scream Park has received numerous accolades, including having been named the Scariest in California by HauntWorld, the Best in the West by Forbes, and one of the top Halloween events in the nation by Haunted Attractions Magazine.

Q: Where is Parking?

A: Parking is free and on-site.

Q: When are lines the shortest?

A: Lines are shortest on Thursdays, Sundays, and right at the opening time of 7pm. Additionally, you can skip the general admission lines by purchasing Fast Pass Admission.

Q: Will the event be cancelled for bad weather?

A: No. This event is 100% indoors.

Q: Is there an age minimum for the Bay Area haunted houses?

A: No. However, Fear Overload Scream Park’s attractions are very scary and may contain disturbing images. Discretion is advised.

Q: Are costumes allowed?

A: Yes, costumes are permitted, except for oversized costumes and handheld items such as plastic (or real) weapons.

Q: If i enter the event near closing time, will I still be able to enter both attractions?

A: Yes. The event will remain open until every customer in line has been able to go through both attractions.

Q: What is fast pass admission?

A: Fast Pass Admission includes access to everything at Fear Overload Scream Park and allows you to skip the general admission line of every attraction. Purchase Fast Pass tickets on the Ticketing Page.

Q: Are there more locations?

A: Yes. Fear Overload Scream Park has haunted house locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and partner locations in Atlanta, Phoenix, Baltimore, and Indianapolis.