Be cautious when installing Halloween props this season


There are hundreds of Halloween props that you can use creatively to decorate your yard or porch, haunted
houses and Halloween activities such as Fear Overload Scream Park. This
event is celebrated annually in San Francisco. The Halloween props always range
from string lights in the form of bats to tombstones, body parts, hanging
ghosts, fog machines, and even animatronic figures that will move and groan and
add a frightening sense of reality to whatever scene you create for this
favorite holiday.

If you are going to do some Halloween decorating in San Francisco, you should be careful to make
sure that your arrangement of Halloween props is
safe and secure. Everyone, from children to adults, has fun at Halloween, but
accidents happen, and people can still be
needlessly hurt by simply not taking the
proper safety precautions when decorating. This Halloween San Francisco
Halloween guide is here to give you some
useful tips to help you have a safe and happy Halloween in Fear Overload Scream
Park this year.

So many Halloween props today use some form of electricity to add atmospheric lighting, games for the young,
teenagers and adults separately movements, and ghastly groans and
wailing. Of course, if electricity is needed for power, a cord is going be

In addition setting up
for your Halloween party and arranging your San
Francisco Halloween
decorations, it’s vital to pay attention to where you are putting the cord. It
is important not just to leave a cord dangling,
or lying on the sidewalk or hallway where
people walking past could trip on it, damaging themselves and your Halloween
props. And make sure never to leave a cord
near liquid of any kind.

Some people hide their cords
beneath the sand, fallen leaves, mulch or
moss. While this can be attractive and keep the cord
from showing, it is also a safety hazard. A hidden cord maybe still be tripped over simply because no one was able to
see it.

And, of course, the ever popular cob webbing. Decorated with plastic
spiders, draped over porch railings and windows, and even hung over doors,
these cobwebs can easily become tangled up in a person;s
costume or Halloween mask. Remember that Halloween costumes are meant to look
strange, moving differently than regular
clothing, and often having projections that can quickly
catch on cob webbing or even string
lights and other hanging Halloween decorations.

By any means, These are not, the
only Halloween props in San Francisco that can be a hazard for people
wearing costumes. Halloween decorations such as lit candles are also regarded as highly dangerous. This
Halloween, consider using battery operated lights or LEDs rather than the
traditional candles in your pumpkins.

If you follow these safety
tips from your Halloween guide and decorations this year, you should
have plenty of fun and no accidents, this year. Happy Halloween from the
management of the Fear Overload Scream Park located
in San Francisco.

Family Friendly Attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area


The San Francisco Bay Area contains many family-friendly haunted house events, including Pirates of Emerson, Great America’s Halloween Haunt, and Dead Time Dreams. You can expect these events to have between three and six haunted houses each and for the events to be lighter and more theatrical, but less scary, than the other events in the Bay Area that are geared more for the adult audience.

Family friendly attractions also generally have ample line entertainment, food and beverage, and are usually outdoor events. The outdoor factor allows them to garnish more attendance on big nights, but also makes for lighter haunted houses and a lighter atmosphere. But being outdoors can also be spooky as well!

If you are looking for a family friendly Halloween event in the San Francisco Bay Area, we strongly suggest that you visit our friends at Pirates of Emerson at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

Oakland Halloween Activities

The best Halloween things to do in oakland are the haunted barns, haunted houses and event situated in san leandro, south Pasadena, Roseville, apple valley, mountain view, concord and other places oakland attractions seen. Evil twim studios haunted event attraction will do nightmares come reality at a new place in South Pasadena. There have been black rumors regarding the Raymond hill sanitarium, but the most interfering event attraction around an undocumented place for the violent patients where tests took precedence on finding a solution. Fear Overload Scream Park is the SF bay most terrible haunted houses shouting park. Considered as the oakland halloween activities by haunt world.It provides two outrageous oakland halloweeno and live horror fun.

Limited time:

Scream Park in Oakland attractions has three outrageous horror houses, made by the international metal band. Don’t miss the perfect haunted house attractions. Closely fifty years ago, all saints, a onetime condition of the art mental health support, lost amount and was compelled to close. Patients are not able to leave, doctors with today here to go, the once best mental health center fell in to obscurity. Today for the first time, you will for a restricted time to be able to travel forsaken facility. The present owner has been gracious to permit the public in to tour at the vigorous restoration of the structure having down in to the desperate disrepair.Oakland halloween guide are not suggested for pregnant women, kids under ten and the faint of heart.

Quality experience:

Visit innovative and screaming haunted place experience. The haunt is designed and acted in through more than forty volunteers, simply for the separate purposes of offering a best quality experience. Content is fictional. Any same things to real people, situations or places are obviously coincidental. The Fear Overload Scream Park is owned by a movie maker and special X engineer, Callson manor is such as stepping in to horror movie. Zombie paintball, ghost town and all eight horror haunted places. Enjoy the performance of fire dancer by obsidian butterfly, addictive sauces hot sauce, taste the favorable flavors and visit the ghost posse all in the courtyard. It is a hidden deep at the county fairgrounds.

Elaborated and complex:

The DE cemetery is a house haunt which resides in the heart of the Mountain View neighborhood which is made with the residents of Mountain View and its local groups in mind. Over the years, a haunt which is bone chilling and fun for all of ages. We prefer to feel that the efforts help in the development of Halloween and the actions has now become the most complex and elaborate haunted house presents, gaining steady media concentration. A small house, CA is owned by an old evil that obeys and remains locked with the confines of the walls, a short term veil between the living and the dead. The evil trapped in the purgatory goes to feed on the young blood walking the streets seeing for a treat. Victims are welcomed by the portal of evil, poisonous spider webs, dead brides to be, handing dead bodies, scary grandmas and lot of ravenous souls, all of that are finding for certain new blood.

Fear Overload Scream Park

Fear Overload Scream Park is a horrendous haunted house event. It is located in San Francisco Bay region. This hair rising Halloween event is normally open for 20 nights in the month of October. The event entails two haunted houses and some live horror enjoyment. This event is however only recommended for mature adults only. It runs from October 1st through to November 5th and begins at 7 pm in the evening.

The Fear Overload Scream Park has over the years received various awards of recognition:
i. It was voted as being the most scary in California by, which is the most popular horror site on the internet.
ii. It was voted as being the Best in the West by Forbes Magazine.

iii. It was also voted as one of the leading Halloween events in the country by Haunted Attraction Magazine.

Admissions to the Scream Park
The event has four admissions for its visitors. These include the following:

General Admission
This admission grants visitors to the event access to anything and everything inclusive of the two haunted houses as well as the live horror entertainment offered.

Fast Pass Admission
This admission grants visitors the same things as the General Admission but they are allowed to skip the line of the two haunted houses.

VIP Admission
This special admission is tailor made for visitors who value their horror entertainment. It allows them to enter the two haunted houses without limitation throughout a single night using a Fast Pass Admission each time.

VIP Park Hopper Admission
This unbelievable admission allows visitors to visit both the Fear Overload Scream Park in addition to the Ultimate Terror Scream Park located in Sacramento. The visitors can do this on any two nights of choice using their full VIP package.

Other Haunted Attractions in the Bay Area
The Bay Area is endowed with several other haunted attractions. The main one that will peak your interest is an old Alameda haunted that is essentially a haunted ship called the Haunted Hornet that is a special Scareco haunted house. It is a haunted ship that was decommissioned 45 years ago.

Haunted hornet (Special Scareco Haunted House)
This horrid experience is not a typical haunted house, as it will take you on board the USS Hornet aircraft carrier that was decommissioned in the 70s. The carrier was used as a research facility and its crew participated in an unexplained discovery. Four decades after the cancellation of the program, secrets parts of the navy ship were granted access to the public. Each space of the navy ship has special effects and gifted actors that will continuously terrify you. It is also characterized by zombies, monsters, scary creatures and other interesting thrills. The event runs from October to November and begins at 7 pm. This haunted ship will leave you both scared and amazed as it is the scariest Alameda haunted house you will ever come across.

Next time you are in the Bay Area, take a tour in the special Scareco haunted house and the undoubtedly the best Alameda haunted house that is on board a haunted ship popularly known as the Haunted Hornet and the Fear Overload Scream Park for an unforgettable Halloween horror experience.

Finding Top Rated Haunted Houses In San Francisco

California offers a wide range of top rated haunted attractions in America where one can enjoy the live fun of scary entertainment during next Halloween season this year. The events offered by these haunted houses may include ghost tours, escape games, Halloween nightlife and parties, Halloween parades and festivals and haunted hay rides for matured audiences. Some of these haunted places also offer kid friendly home haunts and other events like safe treating tricks, pumpkin patches, haunted trails or spook walks, scream parks and zombie shootouts and hunts for this year Halloween season. Some of the haunted house reviews provided in this write-up will help you in choosing from them according to their haunted house ratings and rankings.


Frightmare Farms: This terrifying haunted attraction is situated in Merced, California. It has been rated for 5/5 stars by its reviewers because it compelled them to beg for mercy due to the sheer terror they experienced in the intense scare environment in the clutches of its Barnyard Slaughter and non-stop action of cemeteries and mine shafts. It has been categorised as a haunted houses due to the zombie shootouts and hunts, hay rides, scream parks, spook walks on haunted trails and Halloween parades and festivals it offers along with other events to its subscribers.


Mistress Yvonne’s Annual Haunted House: The rating of this haunted house situated in Riverside, California is 5 out of 5 stars because of the witches, ghosts and other frightful creatures it offers on Halloween night. One cannot afford to miss the events like Bring your Soul to meet your fate or an act of treason Be here by Dusk along with other features including Carrie’s Revenge, Cyberlabs, The Mourgue, The Lost Mummy Room, Circus De Kill and The Meat Locker etc.


Deathworkz Haunt: This 14 years old haunted house in Modesto, California is rated for 5/5 stars as it is attracting visitors through a different theme for every day and night every year. You can visit the website of this haunted house to get more information about its events during this Halloween season.


Nightmare on Main Street: This haunted house located in Templeton, California has been rated for 5 out of 5 stars because of its existence in the scary environment of a 100 years old house. Chills and thrills like frightening haunting clowns, horror of Michael Myers room and vortex of famous doom are some of the features of this haunted house that make it one of the scariest places in this region.


Fear Overload Scream Park: It is another scariest haunted house in San Leandro, California that is considered appropriate only for matured audiences. This haunted house in the bay area of San Francisco offers the most outrageous haunted events in this region. It contains two most horrifying haunted houses as seen on ABC, CBS, Forbes and Fox to provide matured people live entertainment throughout the month of Halloween in October this year. You should not make efforts to show up your fears if you can be scared easily.


Thus after going through these reviews haunted houses you can easily find top rated one on the basis of their haunted house rankings and enjoy live entertainment in 2016 Halloween.

Things to Know About Alameda Country Haunted House

Things to Know About Alameda Country Haunted House

Alameda country haunted house is something that is going to excite you with all that it can offer. There are quite a lot of things that you can avail in this haunted house which makes it really an exciting place to be. Alameda country is the place with the best attractions for Halloween in whole California. You can really get frightened to the core, can go for pumpkin picking or even can create amazing memories in Halloween by being in Alameda country during the season. There are so many varieties of things that you can enjoy at this place perfect for all the age groups. Here are some of the attractions that may make you head to alameda country during this Halloween.

Haunted Trails

There are so many haunted places in this place where you can enjoy haunted trails. If you are having a younger crowd then hay rides during day time will be comfortable and good. If you are really trying to figure out something amazing to enjoy fright to the extreme then pick the haunted trails at night. It can be really amazing experience. It is really a tradition that most of them do follow so that you may be really getting a finest experience being with them. Try to enjoy every autumn with the family fir a haunted trail. It can be really a spending experience to be cherished. There are quite a lot of things that might actually make things work well for you so that you can have the best haunted trails with that.

Haunted Hayride

Being in haunted places and not enjoying haunted hayride is something that is going to put you in real trouble. There are so many haunted hayrides in Alameda country for night time that is what suits the ones who really want to have the scariest time in their life this Halloween. It is really not suitable for the ones who may get frightened and go bad. You may be finding so many scary things around during this hayride and you may not really know what may come up at any instant. If you are feeling really brave enough then this is the finest time for you to enjoy and get scared.

Haunted Houses

The real haunted houses in Alameda coutry can be a thrilling experience than anyone can have during Halloween. It can make you really enjoy the classic attractions during Halloween. It is really the best time for you to enjoy that well. It can be really a great time for getting indulged in such a scary thing during the season. It is really suitable for the ones who can take some extreme horror time and have a great passion towards horror. The real haunted houses of California can give you great experience.

Fear Overload Scream Park

If you are not satisfied with all the screams you made and all the scares you have gone through then you can head to the fear overloaded scream park in California.

Haunted Houses in San Francisco – Most Ghostly Locations of the City

San Francisco possesses more than the city’s reasonable share of haunted houses, ghosts’ stomping grounds of different varieties – some are very famous and others are not so famous. If you look to getting into Halloween Spirit, read this article which will guide you to the most haunted houses in San Francisco.

Fear Overload Scream Park is the most outrageous event on haunted houses and it is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. In October this Halloween event will be open for twenty nights and it includes two jaw-dropping haunted houses with live horror entertainment. Among the haunted houses in San Francisco, Fear Overload Scream Park in the Bay Area has got innumerable accolades and it has been rated as the best in the west and one of the crown Halloween events of the country.

Fightmare Farms which is located in Merced, California is a frightening haunted attraction. Reviewers have rated it as 5/5 stars as they were begging for mercy on account of the mere terror they encountered in the extreme scare atmosphere in the charge of its Barnyard Slaughter and frenziedly action of mine shafts and cemeteries. Categorised as haunted houses because of the hunts and zombie shootouts, scream parks and hay rides, it offers to its subscribers haunted trails spook walk and Halloween parades together with many other events.

Mistress Yvonne’s Annual Haunted House located in Riverside, California is rated to be 5 of 5 stars in view of the fact that it offers ghosts, witches and other dreadful creatures on the Halloween night. One can hardly afford missing the events such as An Act of Treason or bring your Soul to meet your fate. By dusk, there will be here events like Carrie’s Revenge, The Morgue, The Lost Mummy Room, The Meet Locker, and Circus de Kill along with other features.

Night Mare on Main Street is a haunted house which is situated in Templeton, California. It has been rated as 5/5 stars due to the fact that it exists in the creepy environment of an old house of one hundred years. This haunted house is made to be one of the most intimidating places in this area because of the feature such as chills and thrills of fearsome haunting clowns, Michael Myers horror room and famous doom vortex.

Pleasanton Haunted Houses are basically like haunted houses on an entirely new level. Pleasanton haunted houses are like haunted houses that last 12 hours while most haunted houses last merely 12 minutes. Three majority of your time will be spent running around diverse areas they have arranged looking for items of scavengers while avoiding motor cycle clowns running you down. These clowns on motorcycles are creatures which blend into the atmosphere and jump out from the trees at the rear being thrown and sacked in a van by masked criminals. Although you may say to yourself, “I want to enjoy haunted houses near me!†but you are most likely to use an innocent phrase to escape the trouble, (“Where is my mummy?â€). However, it is really more fun if you attempt to solve the puzzles along with your friends.

What is a Scream Park?

What is a scream park, you may be wondering. Well a scream park is basically a Halloween themed theme park. At one, you’ll find a huge range of activities to do including haunted houses. What sets a scream park apart from normal haunted houses is the variety of entertainment you can find at the park. There will often be live music or DJs, a lightshow, fortune telling, and actors wandering the grounds scaring customers. Finally, like every other theme park, you’ll often find concession stands, picture booths, and gift shops.