Why Do We Need Haunts?

Why is the atmosphere is a haunted house so engrossing? What about it makes it the perfect place to be yet the worst place to be? Haunted houses are those attractions that border on the edges of real and fake. They are fake in reality, but to believe they are real is half the fun. No one wants to be in an actual abandoned looney bin asylum where multiple grisly homicides and suicides took place, unless you’re into that sort of thing. However if you play make-believe and use your imagination, somehow, there is something almost charmingly enjoyable about all of it. Not everyone likes to be scared, but some people live to be scared, going to horror movies, being a daredevil, engaging in dangerous or enthralling activities. A haunted house, put on for the Halloween season, is no exception, as you’ll find flocks of people at these every year wanting to get their hearts pumping and have their minds be their own worst enemies. They are ultimately necessary to be honest. People need fear and challenges in life or else life just isn’t life. Going about your life isn’t easy and the more you get used to the everyday terrors that cloud around you, the better prepared of a human being you are. If you experience fear, then it means you are wholesomely human, and in a world where being human is just reduced to some computer screens and bupkis emojis, being scared helps bring us back to reality and make us thankful for being here, alive. Haunted houses do that for us. They give more than they take because they eventually help us cope and get away from it all, to experience frightening situations and become stronger from them and even have a little bit of fun. If you’re able to laugh a scare off, it means you’ve won. Not the monsters.

The Monster in Your Head

Monsters are real. But our imaginations are our worst enemies when it comes to conjuring up ideas of monsters. Monsters are merely figments of our imagination, either bland or enthusiastic exaggerations of our worst fears. Afraid of drowning? A drowned victim with ugly, long, black hair will come for you and do what you expect. Try and drown you. Afraid of fire? Burn victims attempting to light you on fire would be something to fear. Or just fire itself, an evil incarnate of fire trying to turn you to ash is just as relevant as any other fear. Whether these sound silly or just stupid, they are real fears with manifestations that people imagine due to their lack of facing said fear.

To a person who had a scarring experience with a bird when they were very little, that bird is now a monster, along with all birds in the world as well. They are now just representations of the horrible moment that plagued them for the rest of their lives unless they face it and get over it in a way. Spiders are considered fearful due to their extremely bizarre structure and creepy mannerisms. They are not evil but misunderstood. But regardless they are seen as monsters anyway due to them being the faces of fear in so much media and society today.

Monster is almost always a subjective term. Its definition is literally a beastly, foul, irredeemable, relentless entity or creature that wants nothing but to harm you. Monsters don’t exist without our imaginations though. Our minds always come up with the worst possible, so monsters come about due to our own insecurities and over-the-top ideas of outcomes. We run from monsters because we constantly need something to live for. Fear makes us scared but also yearn to live and breathe. To confront the monsters that people are scared would be too much for some, but it is ultimately what people need. But rational and irrational fears still will remain.

Whether it is something uncommon or understandable, fear makes the most out of humanity because being afraid does nothing but prove that you are human. It is normal to be scared but it is our imaginations that create monsters to slap a wristband on those mistreated fears. And there is a lot of damage to the mind when the monster is manifested. We just end up running from it in the end.

Spice Up Your Halloween with San Jose Haunted Houses

If you are wondering what you can do to spice up your Halloween parties this year, you should consider San Jose haunted houses. You need an activity that is out of the ordinary because that is what Halloween is all about. If you look at how people have been celebrating this day in this area, you will notice that most of them want something that will scare them out of their closets. They do not want a party that looks like any other that they have been to. Finding a reliable company such as Fear Overload Scream Park is one of the ways through which you can have a memorable time. Here are some facts that you should consider.

The haunt should be unique

When it comes to San Jose Halloween haunt, you should think outside the obvious circles. You need to avoid being predictable especially when setting the houses. If you want to frighten your friends, family or any other person that will be celebrating the day with, you should think about what they least expect. They should encounter the zombies in places they think are safe so that they can run away and maybe, bump into more mysteries.

You should find something really scary

How do the zombies look like? Are they the kinds that everyone can find in local movies or they are even scarier? Considering the fact that this is a day that comes only once a year, you do not want to waste the chance to make the best out of it. Come up with a concept that will make everything look so real yet scaring to the core. If you do not know how to do this, you do not have to worry because you can attend one of the Halloween haunts that are organized every year by reputable companies in this area.

Plan in advance

The haunted houses in San Jose are always prepared in advance. Everyone needs ample time to come up with a house that will make people feel really haunted. Although you are supposed to keep it a secret from the people that you want to scare, you should work closely with the contractors to perfect everything way ahead of time. With a company that is reliable, you are assured that by the time you arrive with your friends, everything will already be in place and you will be in for a lot of fun. You will enjoy laughing all the time while your friends react to some of the situations such as zombie scares.

In a nutshell, San Jose haunted houses are just what you need for this year’s Halloween celebrations. With Fear Overload Scream Park, you can always arrange to attend some of the events listed on their programs. The best part is that you have lots of varieties to choose from. Whether you need large haunted houses or smaller ones, you can be sure to find them. There also are various horror plays and horror movies from where you can get more idea for more fun.

How to Choose the Best Bay Area Haunted Houses

In order to stay
entertained with horror events, you need to visit the Bay Area haunted houses.
The houses have been designed in such a way you will enjoy your horror moments.
There are several people who visit the area. You can take your loved ones to
the area for you to enjoy breathtaking event. The houses have been designed in
such a way you will find them very entertaining. You will have different
features which will make the time at the houses outstanding. To make even better
for you, there are different scenes for you to choose from. You will decide on
the type of event which you will attend. The events have been organized by highly
qualified professionals for you to achieve great value for your money.

How to
choose the best Bay Area haunted houses

Rates of attending
the event

The best Bay
Area haunted houses should have fair rates. The rates should be flexible so that
you will find your preferred event which you can attend and enjoy your time. A company
such as Fear Overload Scream Park has good reputation in pricing its scenes
fairly. You will find the events organized at different scenes where you will
pay at different rates. If you will like to save your money, you will easily
choose a package which will save you money. The SF haunted houses provided by the
company have been designed to meet the highest standards. You will always live
to remember the event after you attend the one. It is a moment which will entertain
you with your loved ones as well as teaching you a lot.

Check on the
ratings of the SF haunted houses

The right haunted
houses for you to attend should be rated well. The event will be more interesting
to you and your loved ones if it has been designed to meet international standards.
You will easily know whether the events have been designed to meet international
standards after you check on review sites and what other people have to say
about the houses. You can as well check on website such as Forbes for you to
know the rates of SF haunted houses
which you are about to attend.

Call the company
and ask relevant questions about the haunted houses

If you are
trying to look for the best San Francisco haunted houses service providers, then
you should take your time and call the top companies which provide the services
in San Francisco Bay Area. After you call the top companies which offer San Francisco
haunted houses services, you will get to know the response of the professionals
at the company. A company which has professionals who will respond to your call
in a professional way and answer all your questions about a given company will
be the best for you to contact. If you are concerned about safety of your loved
ones, you can ask them and they should be ready to explain everything to you so
that you will be assured peace of mind during your adventure at the company. A company
such as Fear Overload Scream Park has good reputation in offering outstanding

A Scary House Could Be Your Perfect Halloween Experience

What is your idea of a perfect Halloween in San Francisco? Have
you thought of a scary house? Your friends and family can have a lot of fun if
you set up a house that frightens them beyond imagination. If you ask Fear
Overload Scream Park, they will tell you that a lot of people cannot forget the
experiences that they have been going through every year because of such buildings.
There are those who cannot wait for the next Halloween events just because of
this. If you doubt that this could be the perfect arrangement, here are some
facts that you should know.

You can try almost anything

If you have been watching San Francisco plays, you must have
realized that the number of activities that can be carried out in a horror
house is almost endless. The setting is what determines what you can do in that
house. The fact that the people who will be going through the horrifying
experiences can only hope for the best means that everyone keeps hoping that
the zombies or whatever is in there will not harm them. It sure is something
that everyone would want to try no matter how much it scares.

You never know what to expect

In a scary house, everything is in suspense. Nobody knows
what lurks in the dark corners or what awaits them beyond the next door. You can
never tell whether there is a dead body in the corridors or if a zombie is
hiding upstairs waiting to chase you around. Just like in horror movies,
everything unfolds in a split of a second and so, it is upon you to figure out
how to rescue yourself from that situation. The only thing that makes the
difference is that in such a house, everything is real and not the way you used
to see it on big screens.

A haunted house design provides the thrill

The design of a horror house is not the same as that of a usually
one. Even when they look similar, a haunted house design has attributes that
border to things such as being abandoned, mysteries, and creepiness. A step
into such a house will give you a chill down the spine. This is the reason why
it is a perfect choice for a Halloween party especially when you have friends
who get easily scared by things that hardly know. Most San Francisco plays have
been based on the idea of mysterious abandoned house to bring out the best out
of a Halloween party.

Clearly, a scary house can turn an otherwise boring Halloween
day into one that everyone wants to remember. If you are wondering where you
can find such, you do not have to worry because a company such as Fear Overload
Scream Park can arrange the best events for you. What you need is an event that
will give you as well as your friends the best memories of this day. You may
also want to know about the other events that they offer.

Finding Haunted Houses in San Francisco, California

The bay area in san Francisco is known for a number of famous as well as not so-famous scariest haunted houses from which from which you can choose to visit during the coming Halloween season in 2016. As Halloween is just round the corner it becomes necessary to find haunted house san Francisco as an attraction for this event of spooky fun. Brief information about some of the scariest haunted houses in California is given here under to help you in finding a suitable haunted house for you at this occasion this year.

Frightmare Farms

It is one of the most terrifying haunted houses of California situated at the heart of the farmland of Merced County. The terror of this haunted house will compel you to beg for mercy through its horrifying features. The close up of Mine shafts, clutches of Barnyard slaughter and cemeteries are some of the heart fainting and super intense features of this haunted house san Francisco. A ten acre hayride on zombie ridden corn is another attraction at Frightmare Express that will make you scream loudly with fear. You can go for the ride of life blasting robotic rides through the robot infested cornfields with paintball guns mounted on turret from the back of any of the three retrofitted flatbed zombie killing trucks. The zombie raid field is the latest addition for this Halloween season.

Ultimate Terror Scream Park

The scare factor of this scream park situated at 4909 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento, CA is very scary which is developed only for matured audiences. This haunted house has been listed under the category of haunted houses in California which are specially designed for nightlife, parties and other events during Halloween. This haunted house in Sacramento welcomes the visitors for the most outrageous live horror entertainment and haunted events offered by its three haunted venues. It has been voted for the top Halloween events in San Francisco. It also offers some other facilities including snacks and refreshments, wheelchair accessibility to indoor events, free parking and covered wait area.

Fear Overload Scream Park

It is another one of the scariest haunted houses San Francisco that are appropriate for the Halloween nightlife, parties and other events matured audiences only. If you are searching for haunted houses in the bay area of San Francisco then it is the most beautiful and suitable haunted house for you in this region. Fear Overload Scream Park offers live entertainment throughout the month of October through its two horrifying haunted houses as reviewed on ABC, CBS, Forbes and Fox. Other facilities offered by this haunted house in California include indoor events, snacks and refreshments, wheelchair accessibility, free parking and covered area to wait.

Thus the information provided in this write up will help you to enjoy live entertainment this Halloween season by finding suitable haunted houses in California in the bay area of San Francisco. They offer various options to enjoy at any or several haunted houses in this region during the month of October at a very reasonable price.

Fear Overload Scream Park

Fear is always linked to dangerous and horrifying experiences. Most people would not want to be in such a situation. In such incidences one would want to run, hide, scream or even pass out. Well, this is actually what the Fear Overload Scream Park would want you to experience and do all these running and screaming while shoving through limited passageways. However, the aim here is not only to implicate fear but fun as well. Craving for such situations? Well, get to Fear Overload Scream Park in San Francisco Bay Area and have a moment of your life.

This is an accredited park famously known for its scary bay area Halloween events and has earned it several awards like the scariest in San Francisco among others. It organizes the top events in the nation where many people of different nationalities turn up to experience such moments. Its hours of business kick off from 7pm and really affordable. One would just need to buy a ticket just at a few dollars. This is meant to cater people of different financial status. This is usually during the month of October. Once paid, one will have access to live entertainment and the infamous haunted houses which are usually two. The bay area Halloween guide has all the details you need about these spectacular events.

The scariest moments are worthwhile for adults and not children or even those with phobophobia. This is usually lots of fun courtesy of the skilled actors who make this event a success. They instill fear and fun though the latter comes later as one would be busy screaming due to the unanticipated scare. The bay area Halloween events comes with lots of bay area things to do according to the bay area Halloween guide from haunted houses, scary concerts and more. The best moment is where one gets a chance to adorn in different costumes and look like the leader of the freakiest witch club ever. Some would even want to be like the famous actors who act in various scary movies. This is your chance to experience such moments and it comes once in a while so grab the opportunity while still glaring at you. These moments would make one hungry for more and looking forward to attending the future one.

There is no other day that one would get to experience these moments in bay area Halloween events. Give yourself a chance to participate in the bay area activities and have a time of your life. These jaw-dropping moments are ones to dread for. Imagine being led to a dark house with faint flashlights only. As you frightfully tiptoe, a furry body grips you while growling, fresh human blood dripping from its mouth. Just the thought of it makes you dread for such moments.

From scary actors frightening people unexpectedly to wearing costumes and turning out as a witch, this place is such a venue for stimulating fear. These are events not to be skipped out from your calendar as they lighten up your moment. Make an effort of having to experience such occurrences with your loved ones and not hearing it from someone else. If possible, save some money for the upcoming scary event in future.

Things to Know About Halloween Haunted Houses in San Francisco

Fear Overload Scream Park is one of the top ranked Halloween haunted houses in the bay area of San Francisco. It is one of the scariest haunted places in the California. It contains two outrageous haunted houses where one can enjoy the fun of scary live entertainment during Halloween 2016. It is planning to offer ultimate horror events during 2016 Halloween starting from 1st October to 5th November 2016. You can enjoy live entertainment during the late haunted house hours after 7 PM every night.

The crucial horror events of its Halloween haunted houses can be seen on various channels including ABC, Fox, CBS and Kron4 etc. Forbes has rated it one of the best fastpass San Jose haunted houses in the west. You can follow the directions to reach at Bayfair Centre, 15555 E 14th street, San Leandro, California and buy tickets to enjoy the fun of live scaring entertainment. Brief information about the tickets available at this centre will help you to get them according to your needs.

Tickets for general admission: The cost of the ticket for general admission at Fear Overload Scream Park is $25. It allows you access to everything required for live horror entertainment like both of its Halloween haunted houses etc.

Tickets for fastpass admission: You can skip the line of both the Halloween haunted houses of this scariest haunted place by purchasing fastpass San Jose tickets for $32 only.

Tickets for VIP admission: If you want to use fastpass San Jose tickets for entering its haunted houses unlimited number of times during the same night then you will have to buy a ticket for $40 to get ultimate experience of this scream park.

Tickets for hopper admission to different VIP haunted parks: If you buy a special ticket for $70 then you can enjoy the live horror entertainment at both the Halloween haunted houses including ultimate Terror Scream Park in Sacramento and Fear Overlaod Scream Park in bay area of San Francisco with VIP package in both the events for two nights.

Fear Overload Scream Park also offers an opportunity to win season tickets for enjoying the live entertainment during Halloween season at its most outrageous events at its haunted houses located on the bay area of the San Francisco.

The Fear Overload Scream Park opens its Halloween events at the late happy haunted house hours starting from 7 PM onwards so that you can enjoy jaw-dropping horror entertainment live in its 2 haunted houses for 20 nights in October 2016. These haunted houses in the bay area of San Francisco have received innumerable honors from various magazines and critics like Forbes and HauntWorld etc. Haunt world has voted it as the Scariest haunted house in California whereas Forbes has voted them as the best Halloween haunted houses in the west. Haunted Attraction Magazine, one of the top national magazines has rated it as one of the top Halloween events in the bay area of San Francisco.

Thus, Fear Overload Scream Park in the bay area of San Francisco is one of the top ranked Halloween haunted houses where one can enjoy live horror entertainment during Halloween season this year at a very reasonable price.

What are the San Jose Halloween Activities

What are the San Jose Halloween Activities

If you are wondering what to do in San Jose during Halloween then all that you need to know is you are in the right place for enjoying Halloween to the extreme. With the fall of holiday, the whole area of San Jose is going to change the whole colors to perfectly amazing and into perfect San Jose Halloween time. There are so many things to in San Jose that might really make your time amazing so that things may workout well for you. As the holiday is approaching you should be figuring out the best thing for you to enjoy here.


This is the amazing thing you can do in San Jose Halloween celebration. There are so many amazing bars in the place that holds great as well as scary parties. You can even be in dance pubs which makes you enjoy the Halloween with your scary costume with the fantastic music. If you are not so fine with the parties then there are many other options too that you have in San Jose Halloween celebration. It is good to explore and also find out the stuff that is best for you so that you really enjoy the time in best possible way.

Winchester Mystery House

If you get to ask the San Jose Halloween guide then you may be getting idea of Winchester Mystery house. It can be a place that can be visited for real scary experience during Halloween. There are so many things that may scare you in the mystery house like any fear overload scream park. The Halloween time should be made amazing with scary feeling and also going around with the same. Try to get the best out of it so that you can enjoy the time in finest way during Halloween.

Twist Balloons & Face Painting

If you are thinking to plan a Halloween party at San Jose for your family and friends then it is good to consider to hire professionals who do face painting and also work with twist balloons. It is good for you to make use of the same so that you can have finest experience in dealing with it. Try to hire it so that the kids in the party can be kept engaged during the whole time for you to enjoy and have finest time with that. Try to always choose the kind of artists who has got good reviews so that you get better time in the party.

Fear Overload Scream Park

If you want more fearful experience this Halloween then you can think about choosing a good scream park where you can have so much of fear and fun. The scream parks are really overloaded with so many activities and experience that you may find your Halloween the most fearful till date. Try to make use of such kind of experience for you to have real fun. They do have activities and things to be done by both kids as well as adults.

Fear Overload 2015 and a Look Back Through the Years

Halloween is just around the corner, and this year, Fear Overload Scream Park has done it again. Featuring two gargantuan haunted houses, this event has become the biggest horror destination in the bay area, and for good reason. We were founded in 2009, where our Sacramento, California event, open only for a few short weeks, saw surprising attention from the local haunted house junkies. At the time, the event boasted only one attraction, designed and erected in the span of a few short months. While the critics had mostly good things to say, the founders were simply not satisfied. They knew right then and there that they were unwilling to settle for anything less than horror perfection. Their goal was simple: create events that host multiple haunted houses of incredibly high quality. To do this, Hollywood set architects, mask creators, and costumed designers would need to be hired, and form a team unmatched in experience and expertise. http://photos.mercurynews.com/2013/09/25/photos-fear-overload-scream-parks-haunted-house-in-san-leandro/#1

Since then, the scale and quality of the annual event has continued to increase at a mind-blowing rate. Every year, the sets have become more elaborate and detailed, with more and more time being spent designing them to be the most intricate, labyrinthine structures imaginable. And while the sets are being built, the actors are training. Each of them goes through an extensive program designed by the some of the most experienced scarers around. By the time they have finished, most are unrecognizable as human. Through hours of training, they are transformed into a group of the most terrible creatures imaginable. At a certain point, crawling, leaping and screaming seem more natural than walking and talking.

This year though, things are even better. After last year, the founders determined that it was time to ratchet the experience up to the next level, creating haunted houses that are so utterly soul-crushing, the creatures themselves won’t want to enter. They have succeeded in doing just that. The first of the two massive attractions is Hostel: Tenderloin District. As the name suggests, this haunt takes place in the most notoriously rough neighborhood in San Francisco – http://www.spotcrime.com/ca/san+francisco, http://www.streetadvisor.com/san-francisco-san-francisco-county-california/questions/worst-neighborhood-in-san-francisco. Your group has decided to explore an abandoned Hostel in the area. After breaking in, you realize quickly that you aren’t alone. Someone, or something, is here to ensure that you never leave. Stay ahead of it, and find your way out before it finds you.

The second attraction, Seven Deadly Sins, takes place in the home of a heinous killer. Somewhere in the depths of his twisted logic, he has begun to use the bible as the onus for his horrific murders. Taking the seven deadly sins literally, he has begun to enact his own, creative brand of justice on the world, and you have been caught in the middle of it. Did you stumble in, or were you lured? Only the killer knows, and you are no more than a toy in his grand puppet show. Make your way through countless rooms and hallways, sidestepping the horrendous leftovers of his sickening acts. You had better hope that he’s not home, or you could easily end up just like the rest.

For tickets, and more information, visit fearoverload.com